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August 01, 2021 - BY Admin

Rise with SAP won't move S/4HANA needle for large customers

Released in January, Rise with SAP bundles existing products and services under one contract subscription service from SAP, including S/4HANA Cloud, business process intelligence, SAP Business Technology Platform for development and access to the SAP Business Network, all on the cloud hyperscaler infrastructure of the customer's choice.

And the product is evolving quickly. At Sapphire Now 2021, SAP introduced Rise with SAP for industries, an expanded package with specific services for five industries, as well as HR and procurement functionality.

But questions remain if Rise with SAP will really move the needle on S/4HANA migrations, particularly for large enterprises that may not be the best fit for Rise's bundled services.

In this Q&A, two longtime SAP experts, John Appleby and Joshua Greenbaum, discuss the current state of Rise with SAP. Appleby is the CEO of Avantra, a London-based provider of IT operations products and services for SAP infrastructures. Greenbaum is the founder and principal of Enterprise Applications Consulting, which provides independent ERP consulting services and is based in Berkeley, Calif.

Rise with SAP was introduced in January and was billed as a simplified way to move customers to S/4HANA, but many customers still seem unclear as to how Rise works. What's your understanding of Rise with SAP right now, six months after its introduction?

John Appleby: If you're a Global 5000 customer or 1000 customer and you're running SAP ERP, you're probably moving to S/4HANA. It's a massive investment, but you're going there eventually. But there are thousands of other ERP customers that are smaller, and SAP found that those customers were struggling to make the justification to move onto S/4HANA. Strategically, that's a disaster for SAP because those are customers that are potentially lost to Infor, Netsuite or someone else. So Rise was conceived for those regular customers, not the top-tier customers. The message for those customers was one of one throat to choke -- one contract -- an automated upgrade to S/4HANA, and business process remediation and improvement. That's a message that resonates for that group of customers.