Take a look at some of our success stories where we created value for them.

SAP Implementation in Real Estate

  • GREENFEILD:Implementation of SAP
  • MODULES: FICO, MM, EWM, HCM-Payroll, Success Factor, REFX, IS Retail, PM, Fiori
  • DURATION: 6 months
  • SERVICE MODELS: Fixed bid
  • TEAM: 20 members

SAP Support in Logistics

  • SAP AMS:support and PM module Implementation
  • MODULES:FI, Fund Management, Bank Communication, MM, BW, BPC, Fiori, ABAP, PI/PO, Security
  • DURATION: 9 months continue..
  • SERVICE MODELS: Time and material
  • TEAM: 25 members

e-NEST Device Monitoring System

  • MAINTENANCE PERFORMED:when a failure is predicated based on real-time performance.
  • AUTOMATIC RESOLUTION:Realtime Automatic resolution provide ,based on error logs to increase the production efficiency and to avoid the line stoppage.
  • ALERTS:There are many critical machine tools that are designed to function within certain temperature and vibration ranges. IoT can actively monitor machines and send an alert when the equipment deviates from its prescribed parameters.
  • EFFICIENCY: By ensuring the pre defined working environment for machinery, manufacturers can conserver energy, reduce cost, eliminate machine downtime and increase the operational efficiency.
  • DURATION: 6 Months
  • TECHNOLOGY: Javascript Python NodeJs MSSQL,
  • TEAM: 9 members
  • CLIENT:Mahindra and Mahindra , Haier

Migration of Ecommerce Website for Car portfolio

  • MIGRATION:Ecommerce data to new Magneto 2 framework
  • AUTOMATION:Fetch data using python scrapy framework and get the data in csv format including car price, models, images and more
  • TECHNOLOGY: Python(version-3.9.6), Scrapy(version-2.5.0)
  • DURATION: 10 days
  • TEAM: 2 members
  • CLIENT: Nice Software Solution Pvt Ltd
  • TRAINING DATA:intents and response
  • AUTOMATION:With the help of rasa and TensorFlow trained the model.
  • MODULES:for specifying rules of grammar and the structure of a sentence for the chatbot
  • TECHNOLOGY: Python(version-3.9.6), Rasa(version-2.0), TensorFlow(2.6.0)
  • TEAM: 5 members
  • DURATION: 3 months
  • DOMAIN: Recruitment
  • CLIENT: Simajji Concept Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
  • BOT STATION:is a physical or virtual machine where the bot is deployed
  • CREDENTAIL:Provides access to credentials vault of the individual bot, which is deployed at a Bot Station
  • MESSAGING & NOTIFICATIONS:Provides remote management of messaging & notifications through the dashboard
  • THE BOTS AUTOMATED:the process right from downloading the service requests from CRM, creating a list, logging into the core customer system.
  • TEAM: 9 members
  • DURATION: 6 months
  • TECHNOLOGY: Java,Dot Net, Angular Python MSSQL
  • CLIENT:Datamatics


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