Step-by-Step AI Mobile App Development

The process of AI mobile software development involves various stages. Each of them is important — by skipping any one of them, a powerful solution cannot be built.

Analysis and Planning

AI to Develop Mobile Apps

Machine learning, deep learning, and NLP are the three major technologies to implement artificial intelligence into mobile apps. They interact, reason, learn and recommend.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Let our skilled team use artificial intelligence to empower your app.

Prediction Engine

Get the most out of AI to predict and interpret user behavior, preferences and buying intentions. Improve ROI by identifying user interactions within your app, offering customized recommendations and predicting their next moves.

AI-Driven Visual Search

If you want an app that scales, make a shift from text search to visual search. It’s fast, convenient, and saves plenty of time. Machine learning eases the pain of visual searches in your mobile app. ML technology learns from your clients’ queries and provides them with up-to-date search results that best match their needs.

Image Recognition

From healthcare and ecommerce to banking and entertainment, image recognition has revolutionized them all. Use image recognition to identify millions of products such as books, household items, groceries and so on. Adapt image recognition to effectively examine patients and diagnose diseases, detect counterfeit goods and battle against piracy.

Data Extraction

Leverage artificial intelligence to derive valuable insights into your users so you can better tailor your services to their needs. Use this information to promote your app and increase your profit margins. Save time with automated data extraction from any scanned document or image and convert them into text.

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