ERP implementations are a large component of any organizations IT spend. Any SAP implementation does not end just after go-live. It’s only post implementation that organizations start to get results of the investments. However, most of the companies fail to conduct a post-implementation audit to find out if the SAP implementation has achieved its goals and is fitting with the business. It’s important to conduct the audit and identify the areas of optimization.

IT Support

Audit Capabilities

RAK Softech Private Limited provides a wide array of audit services that help you establish a sustainable, secure, long-term and automated environment for your SAP system.

Business Process Analysis

Key business processes are identified, and mapping is done to the current SAP System.

Application Audit

Testing is performed to configure master and transactional data indicative of control deficiency.

Audit Co-Sourcing

Provision of expert personnel to supplement the organization’s internal audit team. .

Process Optimization

Opportunities to standardize processes are identified and all manual processes are automated

Optimization Capabilities

System Optimization

Reaching SAP’s full potential is not easy. When an organization invests in SAP, they have certain expectations from the system. However, a lack of expertise often hinders the organization’s capability to avail maximum benefits the system. It requires meticulous planning and each phase of the system needs to be conceptualized and mapped properly. This includes pre-implementation, go-live, operational and stabilization phase. Our expertise across various modules of SAP, along with our vast SAP-centric experience across several verticals enables us to get down to the nuances, enhance the relevant features and eliminate the unused or irrelevant ones.

Business Process Automation

RAK’s process-oriented methodology has helped us dwell deep into the business processes and gain a deep understanding of how different sectors operate. We aim to create value for our clients through careful mapping of the processes into the SAP system. We try to automate manual processes by assessing the impact of technology on the environment, leveraging the SAP system to the fullest and prepare a comprehensive training program to ensure the organization is internally capable of handling technological changes. All findings and recommendations are properly standardized and documented.

Goal of audit and optimizations

RAK seeks to achieve improvement in the following aspects through Audit and Optimization of the SAP Environment.


Standardization and Improvement of business processes through best practices.


Identification of competency gaps and suggested training to improve process understanding


Optimized SAP system configuration, use of complementary technologies to get the best out of system

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