Many of leading users of SAP have witnessed that the demand for SAP talent is not static – it is constantly changing with the ups and downs of business demand. Adjusting the size and composition of the core team on the fly can present a unique challenge for organizations.

Without strategic sourcing, talent management can become increasingly expensive and have a direct impact on solution quality, agility and return on investment.

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Why RAK’s professional services

Professional services is extension to your core team and proper care should be taken to chose the right partner for yourself. Some of the reasons why clients have chosen RAK as their professional services parrtner

Large and Experienced Pool

Large pool of 550 + SAP and Java-Consultants available in house to become an extended arm of your internal teams.

Superior Skills

With our average consultant experience bandwidth at 5+ years and our wide array of expertise, we give clients exactly what they want.


We know business requirements are not firm and are flexible in our approach to tackle short term or long-term services requirement.

Best Fit

We match every requirement with the skill pool availability to find the best match for you. Clients spend very less time interviewing theconsultants.

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