Automated Invoice Processing Software Development

Make your invoice processing workflow swift and error-free with minimal effort. Automate repetitive tasks and allocate workforces to perform verification functions. Meet the specific requirements and elements of your business process.

Select and recognize invoices of different types and formats.

Extract and compare invoice party, recipient, date, line item, description, quantity, price, and total.

Let AI handle low-quality invoice scans.

The AI-Driven Way to Handle Invoices

We deliver solutions that become great assets to companies looking to automate the data extraction process. If it resonates with your business challenges, you are one click away from trying out a free demo.

Upload your invoice in one of the following formats: Doc, Excel, PDF, PNG, or JPEG. The input can be a high-quality digital file, scanned/printed/written document, or an image with interference. Fetch it to the system for automatic data capturing and retrieval.

Tap Into the Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing Solutions

Say goodbye to routine manual tasks by opting for custom invoice processing software.

Cost-Effective Approach

Invoice processing workflow includes a range of tasks you can automate to cut the costs of manual operations.

High Speed

Extract all invoice data in seconds. Let AI-based systems perform tasks several times faster than human employees.

High Accuracy of Results

Eliminate data entry errors and improve the accuracy of retrieving data on the customer, vendor, price, item quantity, date, etc.

Accessible Data

All valuable data is at your fingertips. Obtain data from invoices in a machine-readable format for every further use

Smooth Integration

We provide you with API and deliver a solution which allows you to integrate extracted data into your existing accounting software.

Intelligent Document Processing

At RAK, we help businesses adopt a state-of-the-art AI-driven approach to handling documents and facilitating management tasks. We create custom-tailored software for intelligent document recognition and processing from scratch. It’s your time to automate the process of retrieving and parsing valuable data from business-related and other documents.

An automatic document recognition option to eliminate manual data entry.

Categorization and review of extracted data.

Validation of collected data and integration into existing software.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Address your industry-specific needs by implementing automated document processing practices. Our custom IDP solutions are fueled by optical character recognition (OCR) and trained to pull valuable data from a range of different kinds of documents:

Invoice Processing

Enhance accounts payable operations and eliminate manual data entry, validation, and classification. The main benefits are the reduction of costs, expedited workflows, resource redeployment for greater efficiency, and ROI increase.

Claims Processing

Automate data capture from different types of claim forms, both written or printed, ensuring high accuracy of the results and allowing you to automatically flag fields containing possible errors and requiring review.

Ticket Processing

Automatically process travel tickets, cheques, and traffic tickets. Reduce the burden of manual tasks, avoid common data entry errors, cut processing costs, and accelerate the entire workflow.

Driver's License Recognition & Processing

Capture and extract data from driver’s licenses and other personal ID documents. Cutting-edge OCR algorithms and machine learning tools allow the retrieval of unstructured data irrespective of the format, document type, or country of origin.

Passport/Other ID Documents Processing

Automate capture and verification of identity details through passport scanning. The use of OCR technology is the simplest way to find and process data from fields such as name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and more.

Receipts Processing

Use automatic capture and verification of receipts data in real-time. Manage purchase validation, drive marketing programs, conduct real-time surveys, enhance expense management solutions and apps, and more.

Our Tech Stack

We use the latest technologies and tools to craft custom-made automated document processing solutions. Our engineers are continually enhancing their technical know-how.

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